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Joshua T. White

Assistant Professor of Finance

Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Dean's Faculty Fellow

Select Broadcast Interviews

  1. Television

  • Musk addresses Twitter staff, CNBC World (Capital Connections), 6/17/22 [Video]

  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets regulation, NewsChannel 5 Nashville (MorningLine), 6/13/22 [Video]

  • Elon Musk says seeking extra financing to fund $44 billion Twitter deal, CNBC World (Capital Connections), 5/26/22 [Video]

  • Can Twitter find a white knight to fend off Elon Musk?, CNBC World (Capital Connections), 4/19/22 [Video]

  • What are non fungible tokens or NFTs?, NewsChannel 5 Nashville (MorningLine), 2/22/22 [Video]

  • Meme stocks continue to gather momentum, CNBC World (Capital Connections), 8/9/21 [Video]

  1. Radio

  • What do Elon Musk and Twitter mean for financial markets, Así Amaneció (Ecuador), 5/16/22

  • The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter, Así Amaneció (Ecuador), 4/29/22

  • Elon Musk is going to transform Twitter according to his vision, W Radio (La W Radio), 4/26/22 [Audio]

  • Rackspace tries to stem stock woes with $75M buyback, Texas Public Radio, 3/7/22 [Audio]

  • Why non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity, Wisconsin Public Radio (Central Time), 1/12/22 [Audio]

Select Quotations by Journalists

  1. Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance

  • U.S. SEC looking into Musk's Twitter stake purchase, Reuters, 5/27/22

  • Chipmaker Broadcom to buy VMware in $61 bln deal, Reuters, 5/26/22

  • Elon Musk says his deal to buy Twitter is on hold, CNN, 5/13/22

  • Elon Musk’s Twitter has struggled to turn a profit for years, Fortune, 4/26/22

  • It looks like nothing will stop Elon Musk from owning Twitter, MarketWatch, 4/25/22

  • Musk says he has secured $46.5 bln in funding for Twitter bid, Reuters, 4/21/22

  • Twitter's board readies against hostile takeover, BBC News, 4/15/22

  • Twitter opts for 'poison pill' to repel Elon Musk takeover, Voice of America, 4/15/22

  • Rivian customers who pre-ordered electric SUVs and trucks made millions from IPO pop, CNBC, 11/10/21

  • Robinhood’s shares fall in public trading debut, New York Times, 7/29/21

  • The four biggest ways that Robinhood changed investing, Bloomberg News, 7/29/21

  • In Robinhood’s stock debut, a tumble and then sharp swings, Associated Press News, 7/29/21

  • Robinhood banks on its traders’ allegiance in IPO like no other, Bloomberg News, 7/28/21

  • Is investing in rideshares a good idea? U.S. News & World Report, 6/4/19

  1. Retail Investors and Meme Stocks

    • Welcome to the stonk market: Is finance just another meme? The Verge, 11/1/21

    • Penny stock trading volume has hit a record $548 billion, soaring past 2020 totals as retail investors pour into the market, Business Insider, 10/4/21

    • The new wave of retail traders is younger, less white, and less male, Quartz, 3/24/21

    • GameStop timeline: A closer look at the saga that upended Wall Street, ABC News, 2/5/21

    • How Robinhood became a target of the retail-trading hype it helped create, Quartz, 2/4/21

    • GameStop stock is plummeting but the Reddit rebellion is just beginning, CNN, 2/2/21

    • Silver surges, AMC ticks up, GameStop falls as retail investors shake up markets, ABC News, 2/1/21

    • My family won’t let me go hungry: Two young Robinhood traders surf the GameStop wave—but not without some regrets, MarketWatch, 2/1/21

    • The GameStop trade needed short-sellers to work—and so do markets, Quartz, 1/29/21

    • Good luck proving Reddit traders did anything illegal by pumping GameStop, Quartz, 1/28/21

    • 5 stocks to buy because of heavy insider buying in July, InvestorPlace, 7/28/20

  1. Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Fintech

    • Stablecoins might be the first cryptocurrency to get regulated in the U.S., TIME-NextAdvisor, 4/11/22

    • 4 things you can do now to prepare your crypto investment for future regulation, TIME-NextAdvisor, 3/22/22

    • Not just for artwork, NFTs are being used by political candidates to raise money, attract young supporters, ABC News, 1/26/22

    • Nonfungible tokens the new fad for campaign fundraising, CQ Roll Call, 1/4/22

    • Crypto and investment scams skyrocket in 2020 and 2021, The Motley Fool, 7/7/21

    • Digital art frenzy raises questions for tax, law enforcement, CQ Roll Call, 4/13/21

    • The FBI thinks Long Island Iced Tea’s infamous pivot to blockchain was sweetened by insider trading, Quartz, 7/25/19

    • Nashville real estate snatched up by cryptocurrency & crowdfunded ventures, Tennessean, 8/1/18

    • Crypto traders may not care about market manipulation, but governments do, Quartz, 4/27/18

    • The uncomfortable parallels between ICOs and the ‘penny stock’ underworld, Quartz, 10/31/17

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