Joshua T. White

Assistant Professor of Finance

Brownlee O. Currey Jr. Dean's Faculty Fellow

Peer Reviewed Publications

Law Review Publications

8. "Quantified cost-benefit analysis at the SEC," Administrative Law Review Accord, 2, 53-79, 2016. [Data] [Blog]

9. "The evolving role of economic analysis in SEC rulemaking," Georgia Law Review, 50, 293-325, 2015. [Data] [Blog]

Policy White Papers

10. "Corporate liquidity provision and share repurchase programs," U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, Fall 2021. [Blog] [Addendum 1[Addendum 2

11. "Science or Compliance? Will Section 404(b) Compliance Impede Innovation by Emerging Growth Companies in the Biotech Industry?" Biotech Innovation Organization White Paper, February 2019

12.  "Outcomes of Investing in OTC Stocks," U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission White Paper, December 2016.

13. "Qualified Residential Mortgage: Background Data Analysis on Credit Risk Retention," with Scott Bauguess, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission White Paper, August 2013.

Working Papers

14. "Proxy advisory firms and corporate shareholder engagement," with Aiyesha Dey and Austin Starkweather. [Appendix] [Blog] 

- R&R - Review of Financial Studies

- Presented at 2023 AFA Annual Meeting, 2022 EFA Annual Meeting, 2022 Delaware Weinberg-ECGI Governance Symposium

15. "The salience of the CEO pay ratio," with Audra Boone and Austin Starkweather. [Appendix] [Blog] 

- R&R - Review of Finance

- Presented at Drexel Corporate Governance Conference, SEC Conference on Financial Market Regulation

16. "The role of the media in speculative markets: Evidence from non-fungible tokens (NFTs)," with Sean Wilkoff and Serhat Yildiz.

- Presented at 2023 ASSA Annual Meeting,  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 8th ICGS Governance Conf., 6th Shanghai-Edinburgh Fintech Conf.,  5th UWA Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conf., Economics of Financial Technology Conference 2023

17. "Human capital disclosure and workforce turnover," with Peter Haslag and Berk Sensoy. [Blog]

- Presented at 2023 FARS Midyear Meeeting, 2023 Bretton Woods Conference, 2022 FMA Annual Meeting, 2022 Hawai'i Accounting Research Conference

18. "The effect of celebrity endorsements on crypto," with Sean Wilkoff. [Appendix]

- Presented at Cryptocurrency Research Conference 2023*,  Web3 Financing and Inclusivity Virtual Symposium* 

19.  "Local policy uncertainty and firm disclosure," with Audra Boone and Y. Abby Kim. [Appendix] [Blog]

20. "Is the bottom line the top priority? A choice model of revenue and earnings guidance." with Audra Boone, Craig Lewis, and Austin Starkweather.

21. "Exogenous changes in analyst coverage prior to seasoned equity offerings," with Tracie Woidtke.

* scheduled

Invited Blog Posts